“I haven’t found anybody that can compete with the training and support that NuFlow provides.”

NuFlow Certified Contractor Greg Goan, Zoom Drain New England

In the heart of New England, Greg Goan, co-owner of Zoom Drain New England, has turned his lifelong experience in the sewer and drain cleaning business into a thriving company. Growing up in the industry with his father and uncle, Greg worked through college and eventually decided, “why would I leave a recession proof business.” Since founding EcoClean in 2000 and merging with Zoom Drain New England in 2022, he has continually expanded his services to include trenchless sewer pipe repair.

In 2019, Greg took his business to the next level by becoming a NuFlow Certified Contractor. “The biggest reason I chose NuFlow is because of their training program. I spoke with other contractors in the industry, and everyone mentioned how great the support was. I haven’t found anybody that can compete with the training and support that NuFlow provides,” he says. This decision has proven to be a game-changer for Zoom Drain New England.

NuFlow’s comprehensive training and 24/7 technical support have significantly boosted the confidence and capabilities of Greg’s team. “It was ridiculously easy to get started. We had already been doing pull in place lining, but the training that came with NuFlow helped the guys’ confidence tremendously. They are much more organized,” Greg explains. The confidence instilled through NuFlow’s training enables Zoom Drain to tackle more complex sewer lining projects, including those with multiple bends, long lengths, and channel rot.

Zoom Drain New England has become one of the few companies in their area specializing in small diameter pipe lining. As a full-service sewer and drain cleaning company that doesn’t handle plumbing, they receive numerous referrals for their specialized services. “Training builds confidence to do harder, more complex lining jobs,” Greg states, emphasizing the value of NuFlow’s educational programs.

The continuous support from NuFlow has been a cornerstone of Zoom Drain’s success. “We get a response every single time. They always have an answer,” Greg highlights. This unwavering technical job support is crucial, especially when dealing with challenging projects in commercial and industrial settings such as homeowner association buildings, shopping centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Investing in advanced sewer lining equipment like the NuCure Cold Cure UV lining system has further enhanced Zoom Drain’s service offerings. “I love NuCure UV because there is no stress. It’s handy to have in the cold temperatures of the New England winters and warm summers. You’ve got all the time in the world with UV,” Greg notes. This innovative technology not only improves efficiency but also ensures high-quality results in diverse weather conditions.

By leveraging NuFlow’s exceptional training and support, Zoom Drain New England is well-equipped to handle the growing demand for trenchless sewer repair. The partnership with NuFlow has empowered Greg and his team to expand their business, increase their expertise, and confidently take on more intricate projects. As a leading pipe lining contractor in New England, Zoom Drain continues to set the standard for trenchless sewer pipe repair, thanks to the unparalleled support from NuFlow.



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