Hydro Restoration for High-Pressure Water Jetting to Unblock Drain Lines

Hydro Restoration for High-Pressure Water Jetting to Unblock Drain Lines

You go an extra mile to acquire your home, which makes it one of your greatest investments. Being an investment, therefore, proper maintenance is essential to elongate the life of your property. Sewer lines are among the major points that require more attention and maintenance. It not only enhances the wellbeing of your property but also the comfort of your family.

Maintenance of sewer drains

Sewers and any piping system in your property require regular maintenance that varies in various degrees based on the location of your property and the surrounding environment. Items to consider in pipe maintenance; regularly checking for bursts or any leakages so as to attend to them in time, regulating what enters in the sewer system to avoid blockage and regularly removing scale that may clog pipes. This narrows down to the major problem of sewer drains being the risk of clogging.

Signs of a clogged/ blocked sewer pipe

You need to be vigilant to assess the damage before it becomes unbearable; there is hence every need always to be on the lookout so as to identify early warning signs in time.
Frequent backups

These are quiet irritant and unbearable as well. However, the frequency of the backups may be a signal of a problem in your drainage system. Contact the plumber so that they check your sewer lines.

The odor is so discomforting more so if it comes from your sewer lines and is quite intense to distract you from the comfort of your living room. Immediate help ought to be sort, good thing emergency plumbing services are also in place nowadays.

Slow movement of water

On pouring water through the sink or the shower drain, the speed at which the water is going may also be a signal of a problem in your sewer system.

Hydro-jetting as a solution to drainage blockages in your home

Hydro-jetting is a great maintenance and clearing system for clogged and blocked pipes. It facilitates the restoration of your sewer drain to the normal and better working condition that it was before the clog occurred. However, the process works best in strong pipes that are not damaged.

Hydro-jetting is useful in settling piping problems that result from; sediments accumulation in the pipes and eventually causing blockage to the pipes. Root infiltration; this ends up acting as a trap, and eventually dirt builds up resulting clogging of the pipes. Grease; traps dirt and it eventually builds up causing a blockage. Other problems that may be solved by hydro-jetting include mineral deposits in the pipes, scaling, a build of hairs and sludge among other items.

How hydro-jetting works

Plumbers apply state-of-the-art technology in the treatment of your pipes. In many cases, the hydro-jetting tech is used in combination with the sewer video inspection.

The plumber first inspects the state of your piping system, examines the blockage and the nature of the clog before they set out to remove the clogs.

After inspection, the equipment is put in place; connected to your pipe in a way that the maximum result is achieved at the end of it, and to ensure your satisfaction as their client.

Hydro-jetting works by enabling pressurized water jets into your pipe system, this is approximately 4000psi or lower depending on the pipe and the nature of the clog. Once the pressurized water jets pass through your pipe, they push out all the dirt in your pipe, remove scale, grease, oil or any mineral deposit that may be on the surface of the pipes.

On completion, a video inspection is conducted again, this time, its aim being to evaluate their success as well as give you an assurance of the work done.

This process is hence a good way of pipe maintenance as a way of keeping your home pipes working efficiently. Moreover, it can be used in any pipes; be it clay, PVC, concrete or any other type of pipe that is used in your residence.

Contact your plumber today and enquire on the hydro-jetting process; this will always keep your pipes working efficiently at all times.


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