“Get your guys out of the trenches and make yourself more profitable.”

NuFlow Certified Contractor, Jeff Lane

In his first year as a NuFlow Certified Contractor, Jeff Lane generated nearly $1 million dollars in lining revenue. As the owner and operator of King Rooter & Plumbing in Denver, he wasn’t interested in adding pipe lining to his business until he got a call from a big company that was suffering severe and ongoing backups. Jeff recalls, “I had a NuFlow flyer sitting on my desk for probably 3 years, but I never looked into it. We were keeping busy, and I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about it. Then we got a call from a credit card processing plant. All the pipes were located under concrete floors, and they had millions of dollars of machinery spread throughout the warehouse. Busting up the floor wasn’t an option. That’s when I remembered the flyer that was still sitting on my desk, and I made the call.”

Jeff talked to many lining companies and friends in the industry before deciding that NuFlow was the right choice for his business. “The team at NuFlow gave me the words of wisdom that I needed. We ended up winning the bid with that credit card company and I made my money back on the first job, and then some. That’s no joke.”

Getting started as a NuFlow Certified Contractor was easy. “As a master plumber, I already had a lot of experience and understood the systems, so adapting to lining was very quick. We went through our initial training, then the NuFlow team flew out to the job site and did the first half of the job with us – we did the second half on our own.”

Since joining NuFlow in January 2019, Jeff has continued to invest in new equipment and grow his team. “Lining is a huge part of my business. We only dig up about 10% of sewer jobs now, only if we absolutely have to. Lining is at least 70% of my business. It really was a game changer for us. We did almost a million dollars in lining in the first year. It carried me during the pandemic.”

NuFlow’s training and support has been the most valuable part of Jeff’s success in building his lining business. “NuFlow’s service, training, and support are super important. I call the guys every time we have a question. If I don’t know something, I am going to call them – probably bug them too much!”

Jeff’s advice to his fellow plumbers? “Get your guys out of the trenches and make yourself more profitable.”

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