Epoxy Coating – An Internal Pipe Coating Solution

Epoxy coating is the primary solution used in internal pipe coating to repair leaky, old pipes. This internal pipe coating - epoxy coating process is especially beneficial for older plumbing systems, as it saves the cost of having to replace your entire system and doesn’t interrupt daily activities reliant on a steady water supply.

The internal pipe coating - epoxy coating improves your piping so that the coated ones are often better than new. It saves your landscaping, buildings, and your home from being torn up, and improves water flow immensely.

There is also no limit to the types of structures this internal pipe coating - epoxy coating can be applied to. Whether it's commercial or residential properties, schools, hospitals, or even historical buildings, any building with plumbing qualifies for this highly beneficial process.

Understanding how internal pipe coating - epoxy coating works gives you a good idea of its effectiveness. The process, while simple, should only be carried out by a suitably qualified professional. Most companies offering internal pipe coating solutions follow a similar process:

  1. The water is drained completely out of your system.
  2. Using dry, heated air, the excess moisture left behind is dried.
  3. Corrosion and build-up are then sandblasted away.
  4. This sandblasting also creates a rough surface that the epoxy coating can bind itself to.
  5. The epoxy coating is then sprayed on the pipes until they are completely coated.
  6. This creates a barrier between the water and the pipes, which keeps corrosion at bay and also protects against groundwater contamination.

The internal pipe coating - epoxy coating offers protection against chemicals, moisture, and a variety of other substances.

This system can be applied to almost all piping materials, including copper, PVC, metal, concrete, and fiberglass pipes. Not only are your pipes sealed and protected from further deterioration, but this type of restoration is also remarkably cheaper and less intrusive than pipe-system replacement.

A lot of research has gone into internal pipe coating, making the process incredibly streamlined and un-invasive. So much so, that businesses do not need to close during the piping treatment.

Now that you understand how internal pipe coating - epoxy coating separates the flow of water from touching the pipes and the benefits explained, this should be considered a viable alternative to replacing your pipes. Before contacting a contractor or plumber to replace your current system, consider getting a quote on internal pipe coating solutions. You will save not just a headache, but also many dollars that could be better spent on renovating your home, instead of replacing the plumbing infrastructure.


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