CIPP Lining Training

CIPP Lining Training


It’s not every day you come across a pipe lining supply company as versatile as Nu Flow Technologies. Nu Flow Technologies is a well-rounded company focusing on trenchless piping for nearly 20 years.

As a Cured-in-Place Pipe lining manufacturer and supplier, by every means, Nu Flow Technologies wants to make the experience as convenient and educational as possible for its Licensees.

Now, one may ask once all the material is provided how do you go about installation? Lining pipes is not a common skill taught in school. Having the best material is redundant if there is not a qualified enough technician. Keeping up with their passion to provide the best lining experience, Nu Flow Technologies offers superior education in the pipe lining industry.

The initial training entails a skilled technician traveling to the job site to provide hands-on training – this is included in the Nu Drain and Nu Line package. The Certified Nu Flow Technician will be present to make sure everyone on your team is confident using our technology. If that is not enough, Nu Flow Technologies also allows licensees to shadow on other projects.

Besides on-site training, there is also “Advanced Tech Training.” These are regularly scheduled training seminars offered exclusively to Nu Flow Technologies Licensees. Focusing on the specifics of inside infrastructure pipe lining, technicians prepare you for multiple sized piping configurations, lining pipes with multiple bends to vertical applications to pressure pipe lining and much more.

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