How CIPP Lining Training Effects Your Bottom-Line

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“Knowledge is power.” You’ve probably heard of the old saying however, this is especially true in a service oriented industry such as plumbing. The better trained you and your technicians are the better your company’s chances are to solve your clients plumbing problems. We live in a “fix it now” world in which plumbing inconveniences need a quick and long-term fix. If not, chances are your company may receive a few bad reviews online and perhaps build a bad reputation in your community. Within the CIPP lining industry, educational training and knowledge of how to install the product properly is absolutely essential in keeping your company’s reputation flying high.

Let’s face it, making a mistake can be embarrassing especially if it’s a service or product that your company offers. Taking the time to properly and repeatedly train your technicians not only brings value to your staff it also increases the value of your company. Well-trained technicians are essential assets to building a team-oriented atmosphere in which jobs are efficiently completed. This kind of teamwork can trickle down to the bottom line – completing jobs ahead of schedule, opening up availability to additional service calls, and even saving on manpower costs that could be disrupted as bonuses. Taking the time to effectively train your technicians in the CIPP lining process is time well spent that will increase your performance and reputation as a trenchless technology installer.

Some CIPP lining suppliers offer continual education courses for their buyers, however, Nu Flow Technologies puts an emphasis on not only initial start-up training but regular continual education courses and conferences. Training isn’t just done in the classroom – it includes mixing epoxies and installing the product in real time. Real hands-on training is actually doing the work and like most things, the more practice your technicians have the better they will be able to properly install the CIPP lining product for a long-term solution.

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When it comes to educating your technicians don’t take short cuts. Take the time and invest in properly training your team so that your plumbing company can reap the long-term benefits of highly effective technicians.


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