CIPP Lining Manufacturers: What to Look for in Your Next CIPP Lining Supplier

CIPP Lining Installation

Have you been thinking about joining the pipe lining industry to increase your plumbing businesses’ success this year? Perhaps you’re trying to find a no-dig solution to a clients’ cracked sewer drain without tearing up their lawn? Or maybe you’re trying to expand your business services to increase your bottom line. Whatever the reason may be the pipe lining industry is growing and the need for a nondestructive and time efficient solution continues to increase with the failure of public and private pipe infrastructure. According to Global Water Intelligence, the global pipeline rehabilitation market in 2009 exceeded $8 billion and was expected to top $10 billion by last year. With the exponential growth of pipe rehabilitation and the growth in the industry, now is the time to add a pipe lining service to your plumbing company.

Where do you begin in the process of entering into the pipelining or cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining industry? Looking for the right CIPP lining manufacturer for your plumbing business can be a challenge. There are a number of CIPP lining manufacturers that have their own products and installation processes – it can be overwhelming. Before you start your own Google search for a CIPP lining manufacturer consider these factors before you order their CIPP lining products.

What Kind of Pipe Lining Solutions Do You Want to Service?

There are many applications for CIPP lining from large sewer main lines to 2-inch drain lines. Which do you envision will perform with your current services? Do you work with your local town or city with larger pipelines? Do you service more residential homes or commercial properties? Finding the right pipe lining product has everything to do with the market you would like to sell to. If you want to tap into the CIPP lining industry regardless of the property type consider a CIPP lining manufacturer that is considered a “one-stop-shop” that can provide non-pressurized CIPP lining, pressurized epoxy barrier coating solutions, and tools to help you effectively complete the job. Nu Flow Technologies manufactures pipe lining and coating solutions to over 400 worldwide licensees and is an industry leader in small-diameter pipe lining solutions.


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Licensing Agreements & Territories

After you’ve identified the type of pipe lining solution you would like to service start comparing what kind of licensing agreements each CIPP lining manufacturer offers. Is there a set amount of product you need to order? Are they asking for a percentage off your bottom line? Do you buy your pipe lining product and tools on a needed basis? These are all questions to ask a sales representative when you’re considering buying. Another important factor to note is what other plumbing companies in your area are also using the same pipe lining product you plan on buying. Licensing with Nu Flow Technologies protects your marketplace by not placing another licensee in your territory.

Pipe Lining Profits

At the end of the day, your plumbing business needs to make a profit and pipe lining is a lucrative business. With relatively low labor and material costs based on your CIPP lining manufacturers pricing this can result in large gross profit margins. At Nu Flow Technologies CIPP lining for non-pressurized pipe systems will produce gross profit margins of $4,4480 with 50 feet of liner. For pressurized epoxy coating solutions with 24 connections, an average gross profit margin is around $6,732. Before you start buying a pipe lining product ask the CIPP lining manufacturer what the average gross profit margins are for its products.

Pipe Lining Solution Technician Training

Even with the right product, tools, and machinery that does not necessarily mean you’ll achieve CIPP lining success. A crucial factor for your pipe lining business is your technicians. CIPP lining is a specialized field and a certain amount of training needs to take place to ensure the pipe lining solution is properly installed. During the vetting process when finding the right CIPP lining manufacturer ask about their training programs. Do they offer an initial beginner training after you buy your product and tools? Do they offer continual education for intermediate to advanced CIPP lining technicians?  Learning pipe lining is not yet taught at any school; therefore having the ability to learn from the makers and installers of the product is huge! Nu Flow Technologies makes a point of providing continual education for technicians on their CIPP lining skills. Check out Nu Flow Technologies’ latest training session in San Diego for their new vertical/horizontal CIPP liner product.

Whatever your reasons may be for pursuing CIPP lining as a service be sure to do your own research – find the right CIPP lining manufacturer for the kind of pipe lining solutions your business will excel at. From understanding licensing agreements and territories to establishing what your average gross profit margins will be with your CIPP lining service and providing CIPP lining training and continual education programs for your technicians — you will be well informed about which CIPP lining manufacturer is the best for your company.

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