CIPP Installation Demonstrated Live

Nu Flow Technologies took to Facebook Live to show their followers a live demonstration of the patented Cured-in-Place Pipe lining technology: Nu Drain.

Nu Flow Technologies’ Director of Technology, Sales & Licensing spoke to the audience answering questions and providing knowledgeable and insightful feedback while technicians were demoing live.The beginning of the video starts off with the technicians preparing the epoxy resin in a plastic laminate, allocated there to hold the felt material in place.

Nu Flow Technologies small-diameter lining system only uses 100% solid epoxy, meaning that there is little to no shrinkage and despite minimal odor it is not toxic, on the contrary it is actually environmentally friendly. The technician then takes the prepared epoxy in the laminate to the top of the building to start launching the CIPP liner into the pipe. Normally, in regards to a vertical pipe, approximately 60-70 feet is launched at a time. Before pulling the liner into position, it is important to make sure everything is in place. Installers use a retraction rope and also a camera. When everything is confirmed and in place it is time to accurately position the liner.

Nu Flow Technologies’ patented Nu Drain CIPP process is not only limited to straight pipes, it also makes it possible and simple to rehabilitate pipes with bends, “Y” and “T” connections as well. This was also demonstrated in the video.

CIPP lining is a technology used in rehabilitating pipes. Not only is it cost effective it is also an environmentally friendly option. Being a trenchless technology, the Nu Drain system can be installed with only one access point. CIPP lining can be used on a variety of different pipes such as: clay, cast iron. Orangeburg, PVC, concrete and more.
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