Century Home Lateral Sewer Line Restored with CIPP

Nordic Restores Century Old Pipe With Nu Drain CIPP Technology

Nordic Mechanical Services Ltd. (NMS), a LINC contractor became a Nu Flow Technologies’ Licensee in 2016. NMS has built a reputation that makes them the leader in the HVAC services industry for Northern Alberta. When NMS became a Nu Flow Technologies Licensee in 2016, it provided the company with the opportunity to fix pipes in place without destruction by using Nu Drain Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining technology. NMS used this technology to restore a century home’s sewer lateral line without disruption.

CIPP InstallationSite: Residential home built in 1911 in the Old Strathcona neighborhood of Edmonton, Alberta.

System: The residential home’s sewer line consisted of 4” diameter clay and ast iron sections that traveled to the main city line. Since the first section of pipe was underneath the home’s foundation and remaining under finished landscaping, the homeowner was looking for a trenchless no-dig plumbing solution.

Situation: Misaligned pipe connections lead to excessive tree root infiltration that ended up blocking 60% of the lateral sewer line. The homeowner of this century home wanted no disruption and no demolition within the house or outside landscaping since the home was recently updated. When comparing the cost difference between a traditional dig and replace, they chose Nu Drain Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining that was a cost efficient solution and avoided digging to renew the system. 

Solution: Nordic Mechanical Services Ltd. (NMS), a Certified Nu Flow Technologies Licensee, was chosen to provide the CIPP service because their product offering included CIPP lining. NMS used existing access to the sewer lateral to inspect the line and clean it from the buildup and root intrusion by using pneumatic cutting tools.

During this project the pipe lining process was completed with zero disruption or damage to the home or landscaping.

Nu Flow Licensee: Nordic Mechanical Services Ltd. (NMS) has been in business for over 23 years in the Edmonton and surrounding area and a LINC contractor since its beginning. NMS has built a reputation that makes them the leader in the HVAC services industry for Northern Alberta.

NMS became a Nu Flow Technologies Licensee in 2016.




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