NuFlow Protects Pipes in Beach Paradise

NuFlow Protects Pipes in Beach Paradise

The owners of Beachplace Condominiums in Longboat Key, Florida, can continue to enjoy their beautiful, beachfront property without worrying about pipe leaks or cracks. NuFlow’s trenchless structural drain liner was inserted into the kitchen and bathroom drain stacks of every condo to prevent future pipe leaks and breaks.


Project: Rehabilitate cast iron vertical drain stacks and prevent future leaks with NuFlow’s trenchless, cured-in-place structural drain liner.


Customer: Beachplace Condominium Association in Longboat Key, Florida.


Site: 11 buildings of the Beachplace condos, which includes 312 units on about 31 acres of manicured land. Each building has six floors of residential units mostly owned by seasonal retirees. The condos were built in 1984.


System: More than a mile of cast iron vertical drain stacks hidden by drywall and concrete. The piping systems lined were the condos’ kitchen and bathroom drain lines. These 26-year-old pipes ranged from 3 inches to 4 inches in diameter.


Situation: The condo owners experienced a worsening trend of broken cast iron pipes. Beachplace would replace the pipes as they broke, which resulted in tearing down walls and replacing the pipes – a messy and time-consuming process. Beachplace Association General Manager, Nick Luman, noticed that the problem was getting worse each year, and the association decided to install NuFlow’s structural liner into the pipes to prevent future leaks.


Solution: After more than a year of diligence, Nick Luman and the Beachplace Association Board selected NuFlow to restore their pipe systems. This large job was inherently complex and presented early challenges. However, according to Luman, once NuFlow addressed some early issues and provided a dedicated crew, things moved forward very smoothly.

The NuFlow technicians inserted our cured-in-place drain liner through pipe access points at the roof and the first floor parking lots, having to open some walls inside condos only when there was a problem. Luman remarked that “When there was a problem, NuFlow took care of it.” He was very impressed that “NuFlow stuck to the quote and did the work – we did not have to write any change orders.”

It is common to find corroded or broken cast iron pipes in sanitary and other drain systems. Whether you are currently experiencing pipe system problems or if you want to prevent inevitable issues, contact NuFlow to keep your slice of paradise perfect.


“It worked out very well. We didn’t have anyone who was inconvenienced.”

– Nick Luman, General Manager


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