Business as Usual While NuFlow Lined Pipes

This busy office tower could not afford to have leaking pipes hold it back from normal operations. Repairing cracked pipes above the bank tellers’ desks would be disruptive, messy and an inconvenience for customers. NuFlow’s trenchless solutions are beneficial because 101 West Broadway did not have to stop normal operations for an imperative pipe lining installation.


Project: Rehabilitate 30-year-old sewer and storm drain lines with NuFlow’s Pull-in-Place structural liner as to not disrupt normal business operations.


Customer: Irvine Company Office Properties has been a leading and respected property management firm since 1864. It is the owner and operator of six of San Diego’s top 10 high rise properties.


Site: Located at 101 West Broadway, this commercial building has 20 floors of class A offices in Downtown San Diego, California.


System: Cast iron sewer pipes totaling 491 feet, with diameters of 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″. Cast iron 8″ storm drain with a length of 95 feet and a 6″ storm drain with a length of 40 feet.


Situation: The aged pipe systems, being almost 30 years old, had corroded, causing significant cracking, and leaking. Some of the cracked storm drains ran in the ceiling above the tellers’ desks in a bank, making NuFlow’s trenchless technology superior to other repair options.


Solution: NuFlow technicians cleaned and rehabilitated the sewer and storm stacks. After the corrosion was cleaned out, our structural lining was pulled into the pipe systems, covering the cracks, stopping leaks, and preventing future issues. A protective barrier was left in the host pipes without causing construction to the building or disrupting the businesses and their customers.

Left unprotected, pipes will age and develop problems, whether in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. NuFlow’s cost-effective, trenchless technology will revitalize your aged pipes and protect them for the future.


“We performed this work and prevented them from tearing up the ceilings above the bank, which would have disrupted bank operations.”

– Andrew Felsburg, NuFlow Account Executive


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