Revitalizing Campus Plumbing

Revitalizing Campus Plumbing

April 22, 2024

NuFlow Services of Upstate New York resolved persistent odor issues at the dormitories of a New York state college within a tight timeframe and limited pipe access. Utilizing cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining methods and advanced equipment, they rehabilitated 990 feet of sewer lines in just three weeks. Effectively transforming the once smelly dorms to a […]

Revitalizing the Aged Plumbing at an Elementary School

Revitalizing an Aging Elementary School’s Plumbing Infrastructure

October 19, 2023

An aging elementary school facing recurring plumbing issues underwent a remarkable transformation. Partnering with a NuFlow Certified Contractor, they embraced innovative trenchless pipe lining techniques to revitalize over 700 feet of cast iron pipes and a significant reduction in maintenance calls.

University saves over a million dollars with pipe lines

University Saves Over a Million Dollars with Pipe Lining

May 2, 2022

Foul odors and ongoing leaks were causing complaints in the dorms of a 150-year-old university. The school needed a solution that would take care of the problems without displacing over 1000 on-campus students. Students at a well-known eastern university were complaining about ongoing plumbing issues in their student housing. For years, the facilities team struggled […]

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