Pipe Main Rehabilitation Puts Gulfview Club’s Mind at Ease

Residents in the Gulfview Club Condominiums had a problem that was not going to go away on its own. In fact, this issue could only get worse with time. Residents knew that their inbound water supply could fail at any time. The badly corroded pipes could get completely blocked up, and worse, the closed-up portion of the pipe would most likely be underground. The property manager knew that he should address this problem sooner rather than later to ensure the threatening nightmare did not become a reality.

Project: Rehabilitate the corroded and deteriorating potable water main for a large condominium without causing destruction to the building or inconveniencing the residents.

Customer and Site: Gulfview Club Condominium is a 27-story beachfront condominium located on Marco Island, a beautiful island off the Southwest side of Florida. The Gulfview Club Condo’s residents mainly consist of seasonal retirees.

System: A 6” steel line for the inbound potable water system that runs from the pump room through the electrical vault, underground to a service closet, and then vertically up to an access closet on the 10th floor of the building.

Situation: The customer knew that the aged potable water main had extreme build-up because it experienced reduced flow and showed signs of corrosion at mechanical couplers. If the pipe was not cleaned and lined soon, it would put the building and cable vault at risk of eventual failure, which would lead to all of the entire condo being without water. Since portions of the pipe ran underground, a traditional re-pipe was not feasible. The alternative would have been to run an external main outside the building, which the customer did not want because it would negatively affect the aesthetic appeal of the property. The customer also wanted to minimize destruction and inconvenience as much as possible.

Solution: NuFlow was able to clean and line the 6” water main by using existing access points, which prevented having to put any holes in the building or property. Our technicians rehabilitated the lateral and vertical potable lines with our proven-safe blown-in epoxy coating, which created a protective coating within the pipe. NuFlow provided temporary water to the building and did not have to enter any units, so the residents were not disrupted or inconvenienced.

NuFlow’s patented technology can effectively clean and line potable and drain lines without having to tear up property or put holes in buildings.

“The alternatives were costly. We didn’t want to re-route or replace the pipe. NuFlow’s solution was much more preferable. We didn’t need to open up walls; we didn’t need to tear out pipes. NuFlow did a really, really good job.”

– Alan Linardich, Gulfview Club Condos, Property Manager