City of San Diego

NuFlow completed a large fire training center pipe-lining project in which they renovated the pressurized water system with its effective alternative to traditional pipe replacement. The work was done in three stages, avoiding disruption to the ongoing daily training.

Project: To coat fire suppression water lines consisting of black steel pipes of various sizes.

Customer: The City of San Diego, CA, which manages the Naval Base San Diego’s Fire Training Center, a decommissioned U.S. Naval Base.

Site: Six buildings in the Training & Safety Division Facility housing a state-of-the-art computerized fire simulator built for the U.S. Navy. The center trains more than 35,000 military personnel each year and is also used to train municipal firefighters and civilians.

System: Over half a mile of black steel pipe ranging from 1 1/2” to 6” in diameter including multiple elbows, tees and transitions in pipe diameter.

Situation: Several buildings at the facility were experiencing multiple plumbing leaks. Re-piping was considered but rejected due to high costs and lengthy down time.

Solution: NuFlow coordinated the project by stages and formulated a work schedule that promoted clear lines of communication with the naval base personnel regarding the ongoing coating work. After using compressed air and garnet to clean the inside of the entire piping system, NuFlow applied an evenly coated layer of its epoxy to stop leaks and prevent corrosion.

Washington DC Metro

NuFlow lined over 1 mile of fire suppression systems within the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. The need to replace those pipes would have required significant downtime and impact on the operations of the subway.

Project: At each of eight Metro stations, coat 300 feet of variously sized fire suppression pipes.

Site: Eight stations within the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

System: Fire suppression main for each station consisting of 300 feet of ductile, black iron, and galvanized pipes ranging from 1 1/2” to 6” in diameter.

Situation: The fire suppression systems were showing leaks and corrosion buildup that could jeopardize the performance of the fire suppression system.

Solution: NuFlow saved the customer from the high cost and complex logistics of repairing and replacing the entire system.

California Chooses NuFlow Pipe Retrofit During Remodel

In a situation where a pipe is located underneath or within a building, pipe replacement is not an optimal solution, as it causes disruption to ongoing operations. NuFlow has the technology to rehabilitate pipe systems without digging trenches or access points by using their patented NuFlow process.

Project: Restore California State Office Building’s failing rain leaders.

Customer: The State of California, Department of General Services, which serves as business manager for the State of California.

Site: California State Office Buildings 8 and 9 located in Sacramento, CA.

System: Galvanized rain leaders on the exterior decks of the two 17-story buildings. The project included 120 five-foot segments and 120 ten-foot segments of 3” drain pipe. Each pipe extends from a surface drain directly into the concrete structure.

Situation: Both office buildings had corrosion and buildup in the rain leaders, causing the pipes to leak within the concrete that encases the pipes. Traditional repairs would have required the removal and reconstruction of a significant portion of the concrete building to access the pipes. A pipe retrofit from NuFlow was chosen as part of an overall remodel of the building.

Solution: NuFlow saved the customer from the cost and logistics of replacing the system, which would have caused extensive damage to the office buildings. First, NuFlow removed all buildup and corrosion, returning the pipes back to their original diameter. Then NuFlow rehabilitated the pipes with the patented NuFlow process by pulling a seamless structural liner into place through access points on the outside ledge of each floor, greatly extending the pipes’ useful life. The work was performed around the schedule of the state workers to avoid disruption.

Corrosion and leaks are common symptoms of a failing pipe system whether in commercial, industrial, or residential buildings.

Retrofitting pipes without disruption to ongoing operations in the buildings is one of NuFlow’s many advantages.

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