NuFlow Is Only Solution for an HOA’s Leaking Pipes in Concrete

A luxury condo tower’s horizontal sewer drain lines, inconveniently encased in deep concrete in the ceiling of the parking garage, experienced chronic leaking. The property manager did not know what to do about these aged pipes because a traditional re-pipe would be impossible. He was relieved to learn about NuFlow’s trenchless, pull-in-place, structural lining – it proved to be the ideal solution.


Corrosion and old age caused the horizontal cast iron drain pipes in the condo’s parking garage to leak. Since the pipes pass through thick concrete slabs without protective sleeving, a traditional re-pipe was impossible. The horizontal sewer lines penetrate through 4- or 5-foot-thick concrete slabs in the walls and ceilings and consist of 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” diameters. All pipes are original and have been on the property since the condominium was built in 1970.


The customer was happy to hear that NuFlow had a solution to the unique problem that he otherwise could not solve. NuFlow was tasked to clean and line the leaking horizontal drain lines inside the condo’s parking garage and line the sewer system’s main line with our no-dig structural lining technology.


NuFlow rehabilitated the sewer pipes in the parking garage by using existing access points. The structural lining, installed with our patented trenchless technology, covers the cracks and is a long-term protective solution against future corrosion and leaks.


In addition, the building HOA decided to have NuFlow line the building’s 10” main line for preventative measures. This main line is located beneath the parking garage and common grounds, so NuFlow saved the customer from future headaches, expenses and destruction.

The job was performed without any major disruption to the tenants or the functioning of the parking garage.


NuFlow is proud to be the saving grace for this property and it’s residents. A challenging pipe location should not be a deterrent from getting the pipes rehabilitated. NuFlow has the technology to design the perfect solution for your building’s plumbing problems, whether your building is residential, commercial, industrial or municipal.


“Nu Flow was the most economically prudent and practical solution to a problem that could have cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.” – Mark T., Property Manager

NuFlow Saved Bottom Floor Residents from Displacement

An apartment building’s underground sanitary main line that is located beneath the main hallway and first floor rooms experienced consistent failures. Instead of paying for traditional pipe replacement and thereby causing weeks of construction, inconvenience and resident displacement, the customer chose NuFlow’s patented pipe lining process to rehabilitate their drain lines. NuFlow’s unique solution resulted in complete property preservation and no disruption for residents.


A nine-story apartment building’s sanitary pipe system experienced backups and caused failures due to debris build-up. The cast iron sanitary line goes from a diameter of 4″ to 6″ and is located under slab, beneath the main hallway and some residents’ apartments. This pipe system is more than 40 years old. Also upon investigation, part of the main line had a very large hole that needed to be covered. It was clear that the pipe was deteriorating and the customer knew that the pipe either had to be replaced or repaired and protected.


The main line is located in a crawl space with limited access, so not only is a repipe difficult to perform given the restraints, but it would also cause serious damage to the structural integrity of the building. The main line is also located beneath part of the apartment building’s main hallway and some of the first floor apartments, so a repipe would cause inconvenience and displacement of some residents.


NuFlow technicians took full advantage of both clean out access points available and successfully lined the failing main line without causing any destruction to the apartment building. The NuDrain system was utilized to install a structural liner, using pull-in-place technology, within the main line, creating a new pipe within the host pipe. This protective liner covers all voids in the pipeline and will help to prevent future debris build-up and flow problems.


This main line rehabilitation project is a perfect example of how NuFlow’s cured-in-place pipe solutions save apartment buildings from destruction and resident displacement. NuFlow’s pipe repair processes are also less time consuming and more cost-effective than a traditional repipe. The ideal, long-term pipe rehabilitation solutions for your home or property can be implemented with NuFlow’s technologies.


“NuFlow’s pipe lining solution solved our problems. The technicians were very professional and kept the work site very clean. I am impressed with NuFlow’s technology and I’m a very happy customer!” – Susan Z., Building Manager and Owner

Detailed Planning Leaves a Big Impression

Gurgling drains and sewer backups were becoming common occurrences for the homeowners of a condo complex in West Palm Beach. They learned that NuFlow’s pipe lining process was a safe alternative to pipe replacement, but it was the minimal destruction and affordable price that won them over.

Gurgling drains and sewer backups were becoming common occurrences for the homeowners of a condo complex in West Palm Beach. Built in 1974 with over 200 units, the building’s aging cast iron pipes were deteriorating and in need of some major repair work. The HOA board was tasked with finding a way to fix the ongoing plumbing issues, while managing the concerns of their fellow homeowners. The HOA looked at options to replace the pipes, but the amount of destruction and price to do the project was unsettling. When they spoke to a NuFlow Certified Contractor, they were pleased to learn that pipe lining was not only a safe alternative to pipe replacement, but it required minimal invasiveness and had a much more affordable price.

The HOA agreed that pipe lining was their best option, but as they began the project they were still apprehensive that the maintenance would be burdensome to their community. The project management team worked with them every step of the way.

The project was scheduled during the summer months to take advantage of the lower occupancy in the building. The NuFlow contractor sent clear communication to the HOA board to make sure that any impact to the residents was outlined ahead of time and very minimal. Each day, the technicians arrived on time, were friendly and courteous to the residents, and left the premises in a clean and orderly manner. Over the course of 3 months, the Board members repeatedly complimented the technicians for their promptness and professional manner in completing the maintenance of the 18-story building.

The NuFlow Certified Contractor cleaned each of the 38 sewer stacks with mechanical and hydro-jetting to remove any buildup and debris. They then followed the cleaning with a cured-in-place pipe lining that sealed any cracks and leaks. The HOA was impressed by the detailed project management and the organized execution of the project. Now the buildings pipes are back and working like new again.

Hassle Free for the Long Term

The Silver Thatch Atlantic Plaza is a 360-unit condominium complex located in Pompano Beach, FL. Due to the age of the property, deteriorating pipes were forcing residents to deal with leaks and sewer backups with increasing frequency.

The maintenance staff was clearing blockages with traditional plumbing methods on an “as-needed” basis, but the number and frequency of the issues made it clear that something was amiss.

The condominium association knew they needed a long-term fix but wanted a solution that avoided a great deal of expense, hassle, and resident disruption. Silver Thatch turned to a NuFlow Certified Contractor and their Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining solution. The NuFlow contractor cleaned and lined over 7,500 feet of cast iron pipes, 44 vertical waste stacks that were over 170 feet each, and
nearly 1,400 feet of cast iron underground sewer lines. The pipes ranged from 4 to 8 inches in diameter. The CIPP lining process restored, repaired and renewed the Silver Thatch’s corroding pipe system with minimal disruption, with 80% less time and 40% lower cost than
pipe replacement.

NuFlow Protects Pipes in Beach Paradise

The owners of Beachplace Condominiums in Longboat Key, Florida, can continue to enjoy their beautiful, beachfront property without worrying about pipe leaks or cracks. NuFlow’s trenchless structural drain liner was inserted into the kitchen and bathroom drain stacks of every condo to prevent future pipe leaks and breaks.


Project: Rehabilitate cast iron vertical drain stacks and prevent future leaks with NuFlow’s trenchless, cured-in-place structural drain liner.


Customer: Beachplace Condominium Association in Longboat Key, Florida.


Site: 11 buildings of the Beachplace condos, which includes 312 units on about 31 acres of manicured land. Each building has six floors of residential units mostly owned by seasonal retirees. The condos were built in 1984.


System: More than a mile of cast iron vertical drain stacks hidden by drywall and concrete. The piping systems lined were the condos’ kitchen and bathroom drain lines. These 26-year-old pipes ranged from 3 inches to 4 inches in diameter.


Situation: The condo owners experienced a worsening trend of broken cast iron pipes. Beachplace would replace the pipes as they broke, which resulted in tearing down walls and replacing the pipes – a messy and time-consuming process. Beachplace Association General Manager, Nick Luman, noticed that the problem was getting worse each year, and the association decided to install NuFlow’s structural liner into the pipes to prevent future leaks.


Solution: After more than a year of diligence, Nick Luman and the Beachplace Association Board selected NuFlow to restore their pipe systems. This large job was inherently complex and presented early challenges. However, according to Luman, once NuFlow addressed some early issues and provided a dedicated crew, things moved forward very smoothly.

The NuFlow technicians inserted our cured-in-place drain liner through pipe access points at the roof and the first floor parking lots, having to open some walls inside condos only when there was a problem. Luman remarked that “When there was a problem, NuFlow took care of it.” He was very impressed that “NuFlow stuck to the quote and did the work – we did not have to write any change orders.”

It is common to find corroded or broken cast iron pipes in sanitary and other drain systems. Whether you are currently experiencing pipe system problems or if you want to prevent inevitable issues, contact NuFlow to keep your slice of paradise perfect.


“It worked out very well. We didn’t have anyone who was inconvenienced.”

– Nick Luman, General Manager


Pipe Main Rehabilitation Puts Gulfview Club’s Mind at Ease

Residents in the Gulfview Club Condominiums had a problem that was not going to go away on its own. In fact, this issue could only get worse with time. Residents knew that their inbound water supply could fail at any time. The badly corroded pipes could get completely blocked up, and worse, the closed-up portion of the pipe would most likely be underground. The property manager knew that he should address this problem sooner rather than later to ensure the threatening nightmare did not become a reality.

Project: Rehabilitate the corroded and deteriorating potable water main for a large condominium without causing destruction to the building or inconveniencing the residents.

Customer and Site: Gulfview Club Condominium is a 27-story beachfront condominium located on Marco Island, a beautiful island off the Southwest side of Florida. The Gulfview Club Condo’s residents mainly consist of seasonal retirees.

System: A 6” steel line for the inbound potable water system that runs from the pump room through the electrical vault, underground to a service closet, and then vertically up to an access closet on the 10th floor of the building.

Situation: The customer knew that the aged potable water main had extreme build-up because it experienced reduced flow and showed signs of corrosion at mechanical couplers. If the pipe was not cleaned and lined soon, it would put the building and cable vault at risk of eventual failure, which would lead to all of the entire condo being without water. Since portions of the pipe ran underground, a traditional re-pipe was not feasible. The alternative would have been to run an external main outside the building, which the customer did not want because it would negatively affect the aesthetic appeal of the property. The customer also wanted to minimize destruction and inconvenience as much as possible.

Solution: NuFlow was able to clean and line the 6” water main by using existing access points, which prevented having to put any holes in the building or property. Our technicians rehabilitated the lateral and vertical potable lines with our proven-safe blown-in epoxy coating, which created a protective coating within the pipe. NuFlow provided temporary water to the building and did not have to enter any units, so the residents were not disrupted or inconvenienced.

NuFlow’s patented technology can effectively clean and line potable and drain lines without having to tear up property or put holes in buildings.

“The alternatives were costly. We didn’t want to re-route or replace the pipe. NuFlow’s solution was much more preferable. We didn’t need to open up walls; we didn’t need to tear out pipes. NuFlow did a really, really good job.”

– Alan Linardich, Gulfview Club Condos, Property Manager

Condo Selects NuFlow for In-Building Trenchless Pipe Retrofit

Condo Selects NuFlow for In-Building Trenchless Pipe Retrofit

Palm Place Condominium: Sanitary Drain Stack Rehabilitation

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Situation: The six-story building has sanitary drain stacks that consists of 360 feet of 3” and 720 feet of 4” cast iron pipe. The 28-year-old stacks were failing due to heavy corrosion and scale buildup.

Solution: NuFlow cleaned and retrofitted the sanitary drain stacks with our seamless, protective liner. A repipe could not be considered as an option because of the destruction it would cause. NuFlow’s solution did not cause destruction of the building or disruption to residents.

NuFlow successfully completed a pipe-retrofitting project at Palm Place Condominium using trenchless technology developed specifically for pipes inside buildings. The pipe system was rehabilitated with the patented NuFlow process by pulling seamless structural liners into the existing pipes, avoiding costly and disruptive replacement. This minimally invasive solution repairs pipes in place through existing access points, without the need to reach the entire pipe through drywall, ceilings, finished floors, or concrete structures.

Project: Retrofit sanitary drain stacks in the multi-story condominium.

Customer: Palm Place Condominium Association, the association for the 6-story complex.

Site: Palm Place Condominium, Sarasota, Florida, a 36-unit seasonal residential condominium built-in 1982.

System: Sanitary drain stacks comprised of 360 feet of 3” and 720 feet of 4” cast iron pipe. The stacks are 28 years old and located behind drywall and concrete.

Situation: Heavy corrosion and scale buildup inside the six-story building’s sanitary stacks was causing failure. A pipe retrofit was chosen to avoid inevitable future issues with the aging cast-iron drains.

Solution: NuFlow was selected to rehabilitate the building’s failing drain stacks in-situ, while a repipe was not even considered due to the destruction and subsequent renovation that would be required to access and replace the pipes. With the system dry, NuFlow removed all buildup and corrosion, returning the pipes back to their original diameter. NuFlow rehabilitated the pipes in 60-foot lengths with the patented NuFlow process by pulling a seamless structural liner into place through access points on the roof and the first-floor parking levels, greatly extending the pipes’ useful life.

“We wanted to avoid the inconvenience of removing wallboard in the owners’ units and the damage that would incur. NuFlow’s procedure allowed us to minimize all these issues. We chose NuFlow because they seemed to be the most professional and qualified. Since the work was done, everything has been working very well.”

– Michael McCarty, Board President, Palm Place Condominium

NuFlow Comes to the Rescue After Repiping Nightmare

NuFlow Comes to the Rescue After Repiping Nightmare

Princess Del Mar Condominium: Drain Stack Rehabilitation

Location: Marco Island, Florida

Situation: The 13-story, luxury condominium had 22 cracked cast iron vertical sanitary drain stacks. The pipe system is 2,400 feet in length with 2”, 3”, and 4” diameters.

Solution: NuFlow retrofitted the existing pipes Push/Pull-in-Place structural liners, using trenchless and no-dig technology that avoids displacement of tenants, destruction to the building, and expensive restoration costs.

NuFlow successfully completed an inside-infrastructure drain-lining project, rehabilitating multiple aging vertical sanitary stacks. NuFlow used Pull-In-Place structural liners for the job, allowing them to start and stop the liner, as required, inside the piping system.

Project: Sanitary stack rehabilitation in a multi-story condominium.

Customer and Site: Princess Del Mar Condominium Association and their 13-story, 72-unit luxury condominium built in 1979 on the white sand beaches of Marco Island, Florida.

System: Cast iron vertical drain stacks 2, 3, and 4 inches in diameter for a total of 2,400 feet of pipe. The only pipe access points are at the roof vent and first-floor lobby. The majority of the pipes are hidden behind finished drywall or encased in concrete.

Situation: The Princess Del Mar Condominium had 22 cracked and soon-to-fail cast iron sanitary vertical stacks. Prior to contacting NuFlow, the Condominium Association had a contractor completely repipe two of their stacks. The repiping process involved tearing out walls and breaking up concrete. This caused serious tenant occupancy issues as well as problems with dust, debris, and structural damage to the building, not to mention restoration work after the project was completed. Looking for a better option for the remaining 20 stacks, the Association contacted NuFlow.

Solution: The Princess Del Mar Condominium Association contracted NuFlow to structurally reline the remaining cast iron vertical sanitary stacks. Pull-In-Place liners were used in varying lengths to retrofit the existing pipes in place. The NuFlow lining solution prevents further corrosion of the cast iron pipe creating a structural “pipe within a pipe.” The liners are expected to last 50 to 100 years. The NuFlow process avoided the need for tenant displacement, destruction to the building, and expensive restorative costs while preventing future problems.

Aged and failing pipe systems are common in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Whether you are experiencing problems now or are interested in preventing the inevitable failure of your plumbing system, NuFlow is available to restore your peace of mind.

“By offering the customer a rotating rehabilitation schedule, we were able to limit the disruption by never lining two bathrooms in the same unit at the same time. This allowed the residents to freely use most of their systems during the entire course of the project which was performed at a time of maximum occupancy.”

– Grant Duxbury, Regional Manager, NuFlow

Re-Thinking Pipe Replacement

Owners of an ocean-side condo had already started replacing their pipes when they found a better option that cut their cost in half.

After 45 years in operation, the owners of a condo complex in Channel Islands Harbor needed to address their failing plumbing system. Built-in 1975, the cast iron pipes in the building were cracked and many of the units experienced destructive leaks and sewer odors. The HOA knew they needed to fix the problem, so they began the grueling process of replacing their pipes. They were well on their way to replacing the drain stacks in the building when they met a representative from Specialized Pipe Technologies, a NuFLow Certified Contractor. He talked to them about pipelining, a non-destructive alternative to pipe replacement. After learning that pipelining lasted just as long, took less time to complete, and entailed virtually zero construction hassle, they knew they needed to re-think the project. SPT did a thorough camera inspection before preparing a plan to clean and restore the pipes and submitting a final estimate. The board did their due diligence too, requesting that SPT test line a section of the pipe.

Not only was the pipe lining effective, but the bid was half the price of pipe replacement, included a faster timeline, and meant far less hassle for the residents. Pipelining was the best way to get back to normal, so they wanted to act fast. The SPT technicians reached the pipes through existing access points on the roof and parking garage. As the SPT team noted, “The residents barely knew we were there.” SPT cleaned the pipes of any clogs and debris, then lined the pipes with NuDrain pipe lining technology to create a new, seamless “pipe within a pipe”. These owners can rest easy now that the problems have been taken care of.

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