NuFlow Repairs Drain Line for Restaurant in Time for Breakfast

Over time, ABS drain lines can succumb to shifting, which causes structural fractures and offsets. Conventional replacement of ABS lines can be very costly, especially when located beneath structural slabs and within facilities that have daily operational businesses. The solution to this in many cases is NuFlow’s patented structural in-situ trenchless solutions.


This 12-story, high traffic, high-rise office building is fully occupied. A restaurant located on the bottom floor has a seating area that is busy throughout the day serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. 100 feet of 3” ABS sanitary sewer line from the 1970s running through the kitchen, preparation area, customer service, dining area, and past the elevators to the basement’s 6” main sewer had developed numerous breaks and shifts over the years.


The 3” ABS was located 2 feet under a structural slab and the sewer gas was finding it’s way into the high-rise. The sewer gas was such a problem that tenants considered vacating. To add to the problem, the restaurant operates 7 days a week, causing extreme time constraints for repairs. It was estimated that in order to jack hammer, remove and replace the sewer leaks, it would take well over one week. This was unacceptable, as the restaurant would have to close for business while under repair.


Of utmost importance to the owners and the tenant of the restaurant was that there be no interruption of daily business operations and, if possible, to preserve the structural concrete slab. After CCTV inspection of the sewer system, the breaches were identified, located and it was determined that 36 feet of structural liner would rehabilitate the piping breaches. After consulting with the restaurant, the NuFlow Certified Contractor presented the idea of relining on a Sunday evening as the restaurant usually closes earlier on Sundays. After the restaurant closed on Sunday the line was cleaned, and the structural liner was put in place. The next morning, the contractor returned prior to restaurant operations to put the restored line back into service in time for breakfast service.


NuFlow’s structural liner was installed in a very tight time constraint causing no loss of business for the restaurant and resolving the sewer odor issues in the high-rise. This solution was provided with no mess or compromise to the integrity of the structural slab and the cost of NuFlow’s structural liner was less than 50 percent of a conventional repair.

Pipe Lining Delivers

Neither flooding, nor backups, nor sewer smells stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Learn how pipe lining was the clear solution for this Nevada post office.

Mail delivery is a non-stop 24-hour operation. After decades of round the clock production, a mail sorting facility in Nevada needed some major repairs. The building’s outdated plumbing infrastructure was causing ongoing issues that were affecting the employees. With thousands of businesses and households relying on the postal service daily, shutting down for repairs was not an option.

When assessing the project, the contractor knew the sewer pipes would need a major overhaul. The pipe system is located under a concrete subfloor that is fitted with large mechanical equipment that sprawls throughout the 500,000 sq ft building. Replacing the pipes would be next to impossible without disrupting operations and would likely take months to complete.

Pipe lining was the clear alternative to fix the pipe problems without disrupting the daily service of the post office. The mechanical contracting company knew they needed to an expert to rehabilitate the aging system, so they called a NuFlow Certified Contractor. They had previously worked with the NuFlow contractor on a similar project and trusted them to not only repair the pipes, but to complete the project in a timely and professional manner, so they could stay on track for the overall project timeline.

The crew conducted a thorough camera inspection of the entire pipe system, creating a map of the infrastructure with detailed assessment of the condition of the pipes. They planned a phased approach to tackle the project, starting with cleaning the pipes to remove years of sludge and debris that had built up on the inside. The technicians then lined the pipes with an epoxy resin, creating a structural “pipe within the pipe”, that will resist breaks or corrosion for many years to come. When the project was complete, the contractor lined a total of 1400 linear ft of cast iron pipes in 4, 6, and 8 inch sizes. Like the mail, the NuFlow Certified Contractor completed the project on time so they could finish the project of upgrading the facility to a modern day work place.

Las Vegas Food Court Remains Open During Pipe Lining

A landmark mall on the Las Vegas strip boasts high-profile tenant’s such as the M&M’s World, the Coca-Cola Store, Outback Steakhouse and Hard Rock Café.

During a renovation for this mall, the customer wanted to repair a horizontal grease line that services the restaurant kitchens in the food court.  Part of the 4” diameter cast iron grease line goes through a 2ft thick concrete wall. A traditional pipe replacement would have caused significant closures to the businesses. The concrete wall would have been destroyed, resulting in weeks of additional work, higher costs, and a massive mess from tearing down the wall and rebuilding it.

They decided to use NuFlow’s non-invasive pipe lining instead of the pipe replacement. The NuFlow technicians utilized several existing access points to clean and retrofit this horizontal grease line. The job was completed in one day, as opposed to the weeks of work a traditional repipe would have taken.

First, using existing access points, a NuFlow pneumatic cutting tool was used to break apart the build-up inside of the pipes and return them to their original diameter. Then, our NuDrain system was installed using a patented Pull-in-Place process. Once the epoxy cured, a seamless structural liner was left inside the host pipe. The protective liner prevents breaks in the pipe, corrosion build-up, and other common failures; greatly extending the useful life of the pipe system.

The NuDrain process was installed without causing any destruction to the building, and a grease bypass system was installed so there were no interruptions to the restaurants while our technicians rehabilitated the pipes.

Restaurant Takes Proactive Approach for Failing Drain Line

Over time, all drain systems develop problems and require attention. Replacing those pipes comes with the need to dig through floors and foundations or to cut through walls to access the pipes, which can be very time-consuming and costly. However, this can be avoided with the NuFlow’s patented NuDrain process, an in-situ trenchless solution for pipe rehabilitation both underground and in building. For example, a Cafe Rio location took a proactive approach to rehabilitate their drain line when it was experiencing backups.


Project: Clean and line a cast iron drain to bring it up to date with chain’s other locations.

Customer and site: Cafe Rio Mexican Grill in Lake Forest, CA, was built in the 1970s and is one of the oldest locations of the Mexican chain of restaurants.


System: 42 feet of 4” cast iron drain line from the 1970s running from the cleanouts in the bathrooms, through the middle of the restaurant to the outside of the building where it connects to the city sewer system.


Situation: The old existing sewer line that was not replaced when the facility was converted to a Cafe Rio was experiencing backups and risked potential failure. There were several tenants in the building before Cafe Rio, all who changed the sewer layout and lateral drain connections. Cafe Rio wanted to make sure that there was no chance for future problems and commissioned NuFlow to rehabilitate the drain line.


Solution: After testing multiple laterals to determine which are actively used, NuFlow proceeded to rehabilitate the pipe using a trenchless/no-dig technology. NuFlow cleaned the existing pipe to remove all buildup before inserting a pull-in-place structural liner in the existing pipe from a cleanout in the bathroom.

The solution provided Cafe Rio with a smooth, seamless new pipe within the existing pipe that will last a very long time and will minimize the risk of future problems. NuFlow’s solution was the most proactive application to bring their oldest restaurant up to date with the chain’s other locations.

If left unprotected, pipes will age and develop problems whether in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Whether you are experiencing problems now or are interested in preventing the inevitable failure of your plumbing system, NuFlow is available to restore your peace of mind.


“Cafe Rio wanted to make sure there was no chance for broken or cracked pipes that could cause us problems in the future.”

– Terry L., Director of Construction


Business as Usual While NuFlow Lined Pipes

This busy office tower could not afford to have leaking pipes hold it back from normal operations. Repairing cracked pipes above the bank tellers’ desks would be disruptive, messy and an inconvenience for customers. NuFlow’s trenchless solutions are beneficial because 101 West Broadway did not have to stop normal operations for an imperative pipe lining installation.


Project: Rehabilitate 30-year-old sewer and storm drain lines with NuFlow’s Pull-in-Place structural liner as to not disrupt normal business operations.


Customer: Irvine Company Office Properties has been a leading and respected property management firm since 1864. It is the owner and operator of six of San Diego’s top 10 high rise properties.


Site: Located at 101 West Broadway, this commercial building has 20 floors of class A offices in Downtown San Diego, California.


System: Cast iron sewer pipes totaling 491 feet, with diameters of 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″. Cast iron 8″ storm drain with a length of 95 feet and a 6″ storm drain with a length of 40 feet.


Situation: The aged pipe systems, being almost 30 years old, had corroded, causing significant cracking, and leaking. Some of the cracked storm drains ran in the ceiling above the tellers’ desks in a bank, making NuFlow’s trenchless technology superior to other repair options.


Solution: NuFlow technicians cleaned and rehabilitated the sewer and storm stacks. After the corrosion was cleaned out, our structural lining was pulled into the pipe systems, covering the cracks, stopping leaks, and preventing future issues. A protective barrier was left in the host pipes without causing construction to the building or disrupting the businesses and their customers.

Left unprotected, pipes will age and develop problems, whether in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. NuFlow’s cost-effective, trenchless technology will revitalize your aged pipes and protect them for the future.


“We performed this work and prevented them from tearing up the ceilings above the bank, which would have disrupted bank operations.”

– Andrew Felsburg, NuFlow Account Executive


NuFlow Keeps Drains Flowing For Brewery

Over time, all drain systems develop problems, begin to fail and require attention. Replacing those pipes comes with the need to dig through floors and foundations or to cut through walls to access the pipes, which can be very time-consuming, costly and disruptive. However, this can be avoided with the patented NuFlow process, an in-situ trenchless solution for pipe rehabilitation both underground and in buildings.


Project: Retrofit a failing sanitary sewer system under a brewery.


Customer: Anheuser-Busch, who produces the two best-selling beers in the world, Budweiser and Bud Light, and operates 12 breweries in the United States.


Site: Anheuser-Busch Williamsburg Brewery in Virginia, a 144-acre site with a 1,256,000 square foot floor area that ships approximately 250 truck loads per day.


System: 200 feet of 8″ cast iron sanitary sewer line located deep underneath the brewery.


Situation: The sanitary sewer system under the facility was failing and needed to be replaced without disruption to the brewery’s production and operations.


Solution: NuFlow worked alongside general contractor ESGI to rehabilitate 200 feet of the sanitary sewer system without disruption to the brewery operations. ESGI installed new manholes while NuFlow completed the structural lining of the 8″ line.

NuFlow rehabilitated the pipes with the patented NuDrain process by pulling a seamless structural liner into place. The solution saved the customer from the need to dig up 200 feet of pipe, saving valuable time and money.

Aged and failing pipe systems are common in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Whether you are experiencing problems now or are interested in preventing the inevitable failure of your plumbing system, NuFlow is available to restore your peace of mind.

The patented NuFlow process avoids the need to dig or rip out walls to retrofit your pipes. With multiple piping solutions we can rehabilitate any pipe, anywhere.


NuFlow Preserves Historical Building in Beverly Hills

After spending nearly a decade using traditional fixes to prevent an aged wet vent pipe from cracking and releasing stenches, this customer decided to invest in a long-term solution. Although an inversion pipe lining company told the building engineer that the failing pipe system could not be rehabilitated without causing a great deal of destruction to the property, NuFlow completed the project without causing destruction or disruption to the lavish commercial property.


Project: Use the NuDrain CIPP to rehabilitate a failing wet vent system without causing disruptions to the busy and esteemed office space.

Customer: ABM Engineering is a leading facility solution and building maintenance company that provides on-site commercial property maintenance to thousands of clients across the United States and international community.


Site: Almost two acres of beautiful historic property used as commercial real estate space. The building was constructed in 1938 and is located in Beverly Hills, California, across from Beverly Hills City Hall.


System: The wet vent system (a waste system that also serves as a vent system) for the restrooms. These cast iron pipes have a 4-inch diameter and are located throughout the walls and floors in the building. The pipe system includes many elbows, and the pipes are only exposed in the building’s basement.


Problem: The building engineer had received complaints about a sewage smell in the building as soon as he started working there in 2005. For almost 10 years, the building used different traditional repair methods but could never find a long-term solution to prevent cracks in the pipe and rid the building of the sewage smell. A liquid smoke test, performed by another company, revealed the many cracks and leaks throughout the aged pipe system.


Circumvention: If the customer had not chosen NuFlow’s innovative solution to rehabilitate the failing pipe system, the tenants would have experienced a lot of inconvenience. Since the pipes are all hidden throughout the building, a traditional re-pipe would be very destructive and disruptive. The customer also talked to an inversion lining company about this project, the inversion company told the customer that many holes would be dug due to the large amount of 90-degree elbows in the pipe system. All alternatives to NuFlow’s solution would be much more expensive, destructive and time-consuming.


Solution: Engineers at ABM Engineering recommended NuFlow as an effective long-term solution that is ideal for historical buildings. First, the wet vent pipes were thoroughly cleaned with NuFlow’s cutting tools, removing all debris. Next, since only one cleanout was available, NuFlow technicians created an outside cleanout to ease future maintenance on the pipe system. Then, the NuDrain system’s epoxy-soaked liner was installed into the pipe system. The liner cured within a few hours, leaving a protective, seamless pipe inside the original host pipe that sealed all cracks. Thanks to Nu Flow’s patented Pull-in-Place process, the historical building’s foundation, walls and flooring were preserved, and the tenants were not disrupted by a messy and loud construction site. A final liquid smoke test was performed and the results showed that there were no more breaches in the pipe system, leaving the customer extremely satisfied with our work.


“For us to be convinced that it was 100 percect fixed, we did a liquid smoke test and they could not find leaks anywhere. And that was a good feeling. The NuFlow system worked!”

– Roobik Asadorian, Building Engineer, ABM Engineering


5-Story Library Keeps Doors Open During Pipe Repairs

Downtown Library: Sanitary Drain System Rehabilitation

Situation: This 5-story, historic, public library, located in a heavily populated urban area, experienced sanitary sewer line failures. The diameters of these cast iron pipes are 2″ to 4″. Old age caused these pipes to leak. Out of fear, the library looked for long-term solutions to protect the books.

Solution: NuDrain was used to rehabilitate the leaking sanitary pipes. NuFlow’s non-invasive, patented technology was used to line the pipes in place, which prevented the need for destruction, library closure, or disruption to visitors. A protective pipe liner is installed in the pipe system which will prevent future leaks.

The staff of a historic, urban, public library can rest easy now that NuDrain has been applied to its aged and failing sanitary drain system. After a series of leaks and costly damage to some books, this 5-story library knew it needed an effective, long-term pipe rehabilitation solution to prevent further damage and disruption.

Project: Rehabilitate failing sanitary drain lines that are located in hard-to-access areas throughout a high-traffic, downtown library.

Customer and Site: A 5-story, historic, public library, located in a heavily populated, urban area. This particular downtown library is part of a library system that serves more than a million residents and contains millions of books.

System: Cast iron sanitary sewer lines that are 2″, 3″, and 4″ in diameter. These pipes are around 60 years old and are located in ceilings, walls, and under the concrete slab.

Problem: These sanitary pipes experienced leaks as a result of age, which prompted the customer to look for long-term solutions to prevent damage to the library’s books and other documents. Since the drainpipe system is located throughout the library’s walls, ceilings, and floors, an in-situ pipe system repair seemed ideal.

Circumvention: If the customer had chosen a traditional repipe repair, the ceilings, walls, and slab would have been ripped apart in order to replace the failing pipes. This would have caused severe disruption to the library’s normal operations and it would have been a time-consuming, inconvenient, and messy project.

Solution: NuDrain was used to rehabilitate the leaking sanitary lines and prevent failures from occurring in the future. NuFlow’s non-invasive, patented process was the best solution for the customer because the library remained open and the restrooms were available for use during the work.

Grocery Store Stays Open During NuDrain Process

Grocery Store: Grease Drain Line Rehabilitation

Location: Tampa, Florida


After this food store managing company experienced a messy and costly repipe for a tenant, it looked for nondestructive options to rehabilitate another tenant’s failing drain lines. These grease lines, located under concrete slab in the grocery store’s deli, had completely eroded bottoms.


The customer knew how inconvenient and messy a repipe is, so they were relieved when they learned about NuFlow’s in-place pipe lining technology. NuDrain was installed at night so that there was no interruption with business operations. This new pipe-within-a-pipe will prevent future failures.

After this customer recently experienced a messy and costly repipe, it looked for non-destructive options to rehabilitate its tenant’s failing drain lines and carefully chose NuFlow. Our flexible scheduling permitted technicians to line pipes while this grocery store was closed at night. NuFlow’s unique, in-place structural liner was installed without causing any damage to the building, landscape or hardscape.

Project: Use NuDrain to rehabilitate a failing grease drain line in a busy supermarket.

Customer: B&B Corporate Holdings owns and manages 20 Handy Food Stores, all of which are located in Florida, as well as manages approximately one million square feet of retail shopping space.

Site: A major grocery store that has been at its Tampa, Florida, location since 2006. The building was built in 1958.

System: Cast iron grease drain lines with diameters of 3″ and 4″. These pipes are more than 50 years old and are located beneath the slab and tile floors near the grocery store’s deli.

Problem: Upon inspection of the grease drain line, the bottom of the pipe line had eroded. These pipes are in use 15 hours every day so the customer needed the pipes to be rehabilitated without any disruption to normal operations.

Circumvention: The customer had a recent experience with a repipe for another tenant’s failing pipeline in another building and opted to find a non-destructive rehabilitation solution instead. But if the customer had chosen a traditional repipe to replace the eroded drain line, this grocery store would have had to close for several weeks while the pipes were dug out of the ground, replaced, and then the surrounding area rebuilt. It would have been a monstrous project with a lot of costs for construction and business closure that the customer did not want its tenant to endure.

Solution: Skilled NuFlow drain technicians worked at night while the supermarket was closed to ensure uninterrupted business operations. The NuDrain system was installed using our Pull-in-Place structural liner. This epoxy-drenched liner was pulled into place using existing access points, which prevented the need for any destruction. Once the liner cured, a protective and seamless pipe-within-a-pipe was left in the host pipe system. This epoxy liner covers all breaches in pipe and will prevent erosion in the future. NuFlow’s innovative and non-destructive pipe lining technologies make pipe system rehabilitation easy on the customer. These unique and patented processes preserve our customers’ properties, as well as save them money, hassle, and time.


“NuFlow’s crew worked overnight while the store was closed and repaired the line section by section, allowing continued, uninterrupted operations for our tenant during their normal operating hours. They completed the work ahead of schedule and on budget, and saved us a tremendous headache and cost versus an open-cut approach. I can recommend them highly and know this will not be the last project they tackle for B&B.”

— Charlie Martin, Director of Construction and Facilities, B&B Corporate Holdings, Inc.

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