Adding CIPP Lining to Your Business: Why Trenchless Technologies Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Adding CIPP Lining

As a service company, you’re always looking for ways to grow your business’ bottom line. Whether that may be focusing on technician training or direct mailers to your potential clients, there’s a lot to be said for diversifying your company’s services. This is a similar concept to building a great football team – the more diverse talent you have on your team the better; especially if the players work together. In this case acquiring talent is similar to adding services to your company’s operations – adding CIPP lining, a trenchless technology, to your lineup of services can give you the ability to win over a client looking to preserve their property.

The plumbing industry is a very specialized field, meaning that your normal Joe does not know a lot about their home’s plumbing. Nothing is more irritating for a client than when the job doesn’t get done right away, due to a company’s failure to solve the problem because they have to contract the work out. Having complementary services that build off each other can be extremely lucrative and can also help solve your client’s plumbing problems without hiring a subcontractor. CIPP lining is one of those services that can help establish your plumbing company as a one-stop shop for all your clients’ plumbing needs.

If your company works closely with the construction industry you already know that the state of the economy can greatly affect how much business you will receive. If the housing market is down, chances are you will need to find business in another way. The same holds true for annual seasons. In the winter months, construction is less than in the spring and summer. Instead of taking a hit to your bottom line during the winter season, add CIPP lining to your company’s lineup. By adding a CIPP lining service to your business you have the ability to keep your technicians on jobs, paid, and your business operating successfully year-round. Learn more about how to effectively CIPP line during the winter months.

According to the ASCE, reports estimate $298 billion in capital investments will be needed to solve the United States’ wastewater and storm water systems over the next twenty years.

There is a significant demand for an efficient, non-disruptive, and cost effective solution to these failing pipe systems across the US. CIPP lining can be that solution to these market demands. As trenchless technologies such as CIPP lining become more accepted in the marketplace, this could be a game changer for your company. Ultimately, the advantage of having a CIPP lining among your plumbing company’s services can mean more jobs and a significant increase in your business’ bottom line.


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