3 Trends in the Plumbing Industry You Should Know Heading into 2017

Aging Pipe Infrastructure

Whether you’ve been a part of the plumbing industry for decades or have started working in the industry a few months ago, there are changes around the corner. Since the Flint, Michigan water crisis the state of US plumbing and water quality has raised many speculations amongst homeowners and federal regulators. With the increase of concerns regarding plumbing, what can your plumbing company expect this coming year?

Aging Pipe Infrastructure

Did you know that the average age of most pipes in the US is 47 years old? In areas such as Philadelphia and New York, pipes are well into their late 70s! Aging pipe infrastructure continues to be a huge topic in the news and was a common debate topic during the election. Pipes of various materials are continuing to age and in many cases are not addressed until major failure in the system occurs. Research from The Water Coalition indicates that storm water systems require $298 billion over the next 20 years to keep systems functioning properly. Since aging pipes continue to headline in the news, general awareness of aging and failing plumbing is a big opportunity for your plumbing business because of the needs of the marketplace.

Increase in Trenchless Technology Solutions

Conventional re-piping certainly has its place in the industry yet many homeowners, property managers, and even city officials are seeing the value of non-intrusive trenchless technologies. Ranging from directional boring technology to pipe lining, expect to see an increase in this particular industry. As trenchless technologies become more popular due to the very nature of their technology, the focus on a less disruptive pipe solution has many distinct advantages. Less home/building disruption, less time, and in many cases less money is spent during retrofits. 2017 is the year to jump on the trenchless technology bandwagon!

Rise of Legionella & Water Quality Diseases from Pipes

In 2017, expect to see more headlines and general awareness of Legionella which studies indicate can be directly linked to plumbing/pipe systems such as cooling towers and potable lines. In the past few years, there were 32 outbreaks, causing at least 431 infections, with a quarter of them requiring hospitalization and 14 deaths. Legionella caused 21 (66%) of these outbreaks. Among the most common buildings to have outbreaks of Legionella were hospitals and hotels. As the general public becomes aware of risks in their pipes, companies that offer pipe renewal solutions are likely the service providers that will need to address these issues in order to solve them.

As you continue your company’s operations, keep these industry trends in mind for 2017. Aging pipe infrastructure, the upward projection in trenchless technology solutions, and the rise of concern for water-related diseases are all things to consider when you’re marketing your plumbing business to your communities this coming year. The opportunity to solve major plumbing concerns is within your company’s reach, which not only helps your business grow, it also solves real plumbing problems in today’s society.


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