3 Characteristics to Look for in a CIPP Lining Supplier

CIPP Lining Installation

3 Characteristics to Look for in a CIPP Lining Supplier

In the past decade, the world’s aging and failing pipelines have made headlines. “Water Main Break Shuts Down College Campus,” “High Levels of Lead Found in Homes Across the US,” and “Pipeline Infrastructure Continues to Deteriorate.” It’s a unique opportunity for plumbing companies to take their business to the next level. While traditional repiping has its place in the plumbing industry, Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining technology can be the solution to pipes in harder-to-reach areas such as beneath floors, walls, and lawns all while minimizing disruption to the property. Adding CIPP lining to your plumbing services ultimately means you’ll be able to fix a wide variety of plumbing problems for your clients. CIPP lining is a way to grow as a company, however, the kind of CIPP lining product and supplier can also determine the growth of your business. Here are three things to look for when looking for a supplier:

1. A Versatile CIPP Liner
There are a number of CIPP lining suppliers that offer a wide variety of products and installation methods. Since there are many ways to install CIPP lining, success often means choosing an installation process that does not produce the common industry challenges of excessive friction, longitudinal stress, line ruptures, and folding in transitional areas. In addition, finding a liner and installation process that is versatile in a number of pipe configurations such as Y or T-junctions, sets your CIPP lining service above other plumbing companies that offer CIPP lining solutions.

2. Installation and Product Patents
Having a patented product is very common in today’s world, however, in the CIPP lining industry, there are not a lot of CIPP lining suppliers that hold patents on both their epoxy formula and the installation process. Looking for a CIPP supplier that has a patent on the installation process is a leg-up against other installation processes because of the proven effectiveness and the reliability of the product.

3. Training Training Training
Look for a supplier that is not only willing to sell CIPP lining products to you but actually show your company how to install them. It’s possible to have the best CIPP lining product and process in the world, however, if your company is not able to install the liners properly, they can fail. Education and training are critical to running a successful CIPP lining service. Look for a CIPP supplier that is willing to teach your technicians what CIPP lining can solve and most importantly how to install it properly?

While the plumbing industry is changing rapidly the need for a non-disruptive, and cost-effective solution is evident to maintain the massive amount of aging pipelines that are failing. Adding the best cured-in-place pipe lining products to your plumbing company’s line-up of services would be advantageous to meet the growing demand for a non-disruptive, time-efficient, and long-term solution to failing pipe systems.


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